Shifu Adam Mizner

Adam Mizner Shifu Adam Mizner teaches Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, in the tradition of Huang Sheng Shyan and Yang ShouHou. Adam has also dedicated many years to the in depth study of Daoism, western Hermetics and the Buddha dhamma, and is a senior lay student of Ajahn Jumnien in the Thai Forest tradition of Read more about Shifu Adam Mizner[…]

4 Word Secret Formula (四字秘訣 武禹襄)

by Wu Yu Xiang – Translation Steffan de Graffenried 敷 覆者,运气于己身,敷布彼劲之上,使不得动也。 To Spread (Fu) – Utilize the Qi in your body, spread it over the opponent’s Jin so that he cannot move. 蓋 盖者,以气盖彼来处也。 To Cover (Gai) – Utilize Qi to cover the point of the opponent’s incoming attack. 對 对者,以气对彼来处,认定准头而去也。 To Confront (Dui) – Read more about 4 Word Secret Formula (四字秘訣 武禹襄)[…]

The Method of Achieving Perfect Clarity in Tai Chi:

太極指明法 The Method of Achieving Perfect Clarity in Tai Chi: 用勁不對,不用力不對,綿而有剛對,丢不對,頂不對,不丢不頂對,沾不對,不沾不對,不即不離對,浮不對,重不對,輕靈鬆沈對,胆大不對,胆小不對,胆要壯而心要細對,打人不對,不打人不對,將敵治心服對。 Using energy [Jin] is not correct; Not using strength [Li] is not correct; To be soft but hard is correct.   Leaning away is not correct; Butting in is not correct; Not leaning away and not butting in is correct.   Sticking is not Read more about The Method of Achieving Perfect Clarity in Tai Chi:[…]

Kung Fu Training

About Kung Fu Training   Ji Ben Gong 基本功 – Fundamental Exercises and Training Methods These basic exercises are fundamental to all styles or martial arts. The basics include the movements of shoulder, arm, waist, leg and hand as well as footwork, jumps, leaps and balancing. Stances, stepping, power generation, sensitivity, conditioning, sticking and trapping, Read more about Kung Fu Training[…]