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Explore Kung Fu is the most convenient way to learn authentic, rare styles of Chinese martial arts. We offer traditional curriculum in a practical, methodical and easy to follow video program.

  • No need to leave your home
  • Get your lessons anywhere – Web – Tablet – Mobile
  • Save up to 75% compared to the price of lessons at “brick and mortar” studios.
  • Authentic training in a variety of styles.

Authentic Chinese Martial Arts

We teach several traditional systems of Chinese Martial Arts; Northern Praying Mantis, Northern Shaolin, MiZong LuoHan Quan, Jing Wu Men, Bajiquan, Piguazhang, Baguazhang, Xing Yi Quan and Yang Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi). We are fortunate to be able to offer the complete systems including two-person training, weapons training, Qi development training, Taiji (Tai Chi) pushing hands and Taiji martial applications.

  • Real World Applications

  • Eight Step, Seven Star, Six Harmony

  • Long Fist, MizongLuohan

  • Short Form, Long Form, Qigong

OUR staff

Experience Counts

Steffan de Graffenried

Chief Instructor
Steffan de Graffenried was born in Decatur, Alabama in 1964. He began his martial arts training shortly after seeing the first episode of Kung Fu the TV series in 1972 at the age of 8. Because there were no Kung Fu studios in the area, he opted to learn the only martial art style he could find: Judo.

Josh Bretherick

Head Instructor
Josh has been practicing with WuDang Martial Arts Centers since 2002. He is proficient in a variety of styles including Northern Mantis, Bajiquan, Piguazhang, Northern Shaolin, MizongLuohan and Yang Taijiquan. Josh runs the Florence studio as well as assisting at the Athens studio.

Warren Cain

Asst. Instructor
Warren began training at WuDang Martial Arts Centers in 2002. He is proficient in Northern Shaolin, Northern Mantis and Taiji.

Jeremy Noe

Asst. Instructor
Jeremy has been involved in martial arts for over 25 years and has been training at WuDang Martial Arts Centers since 2009.

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